Recognition Technologies, Inc., established in 2003, is a research and development organization providing, "Enabling Core Technologies," for allowing software products to be able to process multimedia, such as audio, images, and video to glean information such as biometrics, authentication, transcription, and descriptive summaries, using the latest Machine Learning technologies developed in-house and hence fully customizable for different scenarios.

Recognition Technologies, Inc., located in Westchester County, New York, is a research and development organization with products and projects in different areas of biometrics including Speaker Recognition (Identification and Verification), Signature Verification, Speech Recognition and Handwriting Recognition (Identification and Verification), as well as Speech Recognition (transcription) for many languages including English, Mandarin (Chinese), Arabic, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, and many more. The RecoMadeEasy® product line also includes face recognition, object detection, language identification, emotion detection and a lot more, in one engine with a single API. The RecoMadeEasy Text-Independent and Language-Independent Speaker Recognition engine in use by its clients since 2007, capable of doing Speaker Verification, Identification, Segmentation, Classification, Tracking and Detection. The RecoMadeEasy® speaker recognition engine won the prestigious 2011 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award.

This engine is capable of doing real-time open-set speaker identification (the most challenging speaker recognition problem) for very large populations and to conduct provide blacklisting support. Also, since 2003, the company has had an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) engine which requires no extra coding and works through a configuration files at the design stage of the IVR. These and other engines, such as face recognition and detection are available for a variety of Linux operating systems as well as Windows and MacOS, and are marketed under the brand, RecoMadeEasy®. Recognition Technologies, Inc. is also involved in research and development in automatic language proficiency rating and distance learning techniques using speech. Current development is for Linux and the Apple operating systems in C++.

We, at Recognition Technologies, understand that time is precious, especially when searching for a solution. Recognition Technologies, WILL find cost-effective and efficient solutions for all of your biometric security and pattern recognition problems. Recognition Technologies prides itself in the many years of research and development experience of its staff apparent in their well respected scientific publications.

Join us, and we will guide you through various solutions for your Biometric and Pattern Recognition problems.